Author Topic: Hello from London-Lots of unique U2 items that need help valuing and need homes!  (Read 5386 times)

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Hey all,

My name is Jim Knight and I run You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login here in London. The studio was built by Steve Lillywhite in '86 in the house he shared with his then wife Kirsty MacColl. I moved in with Kirsty in the late 90s and got the studio up and running again. The house the studio is in is about to be sold and I have a selection of rare (I would think unique) U2 rehearsal tapes (all on DAT) along with other items that I simply can't take with me. I also have 2" tapes of The Smiths, Talking Heads etc but that's another story....
I've contacted record companies and they're simply not interested.

If anyone is interested please PM me, I'd be happy to make a list of stuff, photo's, meet at the studio, whatever is needed to get this stuff to good homes!