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Milano 4 review
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:32:24 AM »
After my first time live - 360 in Zagreb - I finally got to see the boys in arenas. And it's true : they really are better indoors.

Now I was out of the loop for a few years : did not read reviews for I/E, did not even watch the Paris DVD (which I plan now, to compare with E/I, of course!),   Was considering Berlin for I/E but this time around the trip was about half as expensive.

And being in the dark (well mostly. knew about Acrobat and The Fly but that's it) paid off. Great setup once again from Willie Williams, right off the bat great idea with playing under/inside the Barricage, and the E stage (and later during Pride all 4 members on different sides of the arena).

The set ? Blackout is a great opener, following the Zoo worthy Great Dictator speech video mixed with Europe in flames after WW II. I liked Lights of home too but the first jolt of energy came with I will follow/Gloria duo of oldies but goldies. BD felt a bit odd placed but nothing prepared me for Bono talking about their story, mentioning Zoo station (yes ! are they really...) and indeed that familiar Edge growl entered the picture. Next up : Stay (for some reason I mistook Edge's opening notes for Tryin' to throw your arms around the world) full band. Sweet ! The one-two punch of Who's gonna ride your wild horses (great ending ! Go Larry) and The Fly (to this day my favourite guitar solo) almost had me in tears. Not that much was needed with all this AB lovin this evening...
The animation break pushes the story along, and that is a pretty cool remix of the Batman tune. Loads of energy on the E stage next, again my fave in this section from AB : Even better than real thing and Acrobat but everything rocked in this set. Macphisto is back, interesting solution to use the technology instead of mere makeup but it works. The only downside in this set is the granpa version of Best thing (why not play full band to keep the energy going after all the rockers on E-stage ?) and Bono-Edge only version of Summer of love.
Bono talks some more, Edge walks off E-stage into the folk, while teasing the Pride riff (very cool moment in the show). NYD was another oldie I got to hear first time, nice version. COBL and GOYOW help pick up the pace some more..
The only downside in the encore is the sombre, low-key ending with 13. I thought for sure after Love is bigger with those red lights we'd get Streets but next time. Now that would be ending on a high note.

I am still hopeful to catch Bad and UTEOW sometime. Until after the show I didn't even realize nothing off JT was played (I did miss not hearing Streets but did not register the entire album was awol).
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Re: Milano 4 review
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2018, 07:52:37 AM »
Great review, thanks!