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Comparing key tracks on any U2 albums
« on: December 06, 2018, 04:51:37 AM »
Something I thought worth trying (it may not work in all cases). Pick some key songs from 2 different albums, can be any 2 in U2 discography, and compare those key songs to see which album wins. Here's an example with my own thoughts:

Zooropa v Pop
First track: Zooropa beats Discotheque
The uber experimental track: Numb and Mofo probably pretty level pegging. I slightly prefer Numb.
Emotional peak: Stay vs SATS/Please? Either way Stay wins, has always been a personal favourite.
Album closer: Wanderer vs Wake Up Dead Man. Probably pretty even, but again personally I prefer Wanderer.

So Zooropa wins

SOI vs SOE (yes rather controversial topic at the moment)
First track: Miracle v LIAWHL. LIAWHL wins for me, better set up to the album and I prefer the actual song
The song for Ali: SFS v Landlady. Can see merit in both, personally prefer Landlady
The political song: RBW v The Blackout/American Soul. RBW wins.
The album classic: EBW v Little Things. Pretty close but I prefer Little Things album version.
Album closer: The Troubles v 13. Again merit in both, the tone/theme of 13 closes the album better, but The Troubles is the better song for me. I'll need to say a draw.

So SOE wins, but it was closer than I expected.

Joshua Tree v Achtung Baby (now it's getting serious)
First track: Streets v Zoo Station. Wow how do I separate these 2? For iconic value, and clearly a U2 staple, Streets wins
Emotional peak: WOWY v One. Again this is extremely tight. One probably hits me emotionally more often than WOWY, if I'm singing along I sing One more wholeheartedly.
The b*lls to the wall rocker: BTBS v The Fly. The Fly narrowly wins this one.
Album closer: Mothers v LIB. Love Is Blindness wins.

So Achtung Baby wins.

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Re: Comparing key tracks on any U2 albums
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2018, 01:21:46 AM »
poignant closer - Cedars Of Lebanon vs Yahweh (Cedars wins)

forceful opener - NLOTH vs Vertigo (NLOTH wins)

over 5 minute long track 5 - Iris vs City Of Blinding Lights (Iris wins)

the hard rocking track 6 - Get On Your Boots vs All Because (GOYB wins)

*Sorry, I just find ABOY incredibly generic rock, while at least boots is a bit more interesting sonically and is a more enjoyable listening experience overall.

the "Bad" stereotype U2 song - Please (single) vs Little Things (Please wins)

the dark gritty track 9 - Sleep Like A Baby vs Little Things (SLABT wins)

the heavy dance track 10 - Reach Me Now vs The Blackout (Reach wins)

the War-era throwback track 7 - Raised By Wolves vs Red Flag Day (RBW wins)

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Re: Comparing key tracks on any U2 albums
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2018, 04:13:55 AM »
I didn't register Yahwah was an album closer. My CD had bonus track 'Fast Cars' as the closer.

That just makes 'Yahwah' even more offensive.

'Boots' was stuck in the middle of NLOTH, where it couldn't do too much damage. Unfortunately it had already been released as lead single & I am still recovering from my first listens.