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Re: Do You Go To See Teenage Bands' Gigs When You're Middle Aged?!
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I was just posting on another thread about being very tempted to go and see Inhaler when they support the band Blossoms in Cardiff in June. I'm not very familiar with Blossoms and would be going purely to see Inhaler as I really like the music I've heard from them so far. It's the age thing though! For most of my younger life I went to gigs regularly, I've always loved live concerts, especially in smaller, more intimate venues. I haven't been to many gigs in recent years, mainly because concerts have become so much more expensive. Most gigs that I have been to in recent years though are acts who have been around for quite a few years and so their audiences aren't all too young and are more mixed.

I'm going to see the band Garbage in Cardiff in July and am really looking forward to it. I've loved them for years. Obviously with the band having been around for a long time their fan base is now a lot older and so I hopefully won't feel too out of place. Inhaler though - the audience will no doubt all be teenagers and I don't know whether I should embarrass myself, now being middle aged, going to a gig surrounded by teens. Will I just look stupid and out of place?!

I was just wondering if many middle aged people here go and see bands regardless of how new and young they may be or if you don't bother because you know you'll be the oldest person there?

As I said it usually doesn't bother me that much with an audience that's more mixed in age because the band/singer has been around for a while (like when I went to see The Libertines a few years ago and Arctic Monkeys last year). A lot of their audience was young yes (20's/30's) but with Inhaler and Blossoms you're surely talking about all teens?!

Arrrrrgh, really not sure what to do, lol!

Every weekend I still bust a move on the dance floor despite being more than twice the age of most of the people on the dance floor. I don't feel out of place at all. Never have. Once you reach the age of adulthood, 18 or 21, age no longer matters.

In my forties I had no problem doing that but now I am close to sixty busting a move on the dance floor with kids young enough to be my grand kids is not terribly appealing lol!  But I see no issue with it!
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