Author Topic: the one show in their entire careeer that stands out in the memories of the band  (Read 819 times)

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So the boys have been singing their songs to thousands of people on a nightly basis for 43 years....43 years of gigs!!! w.o.w,,, but I wonder what is the one gig that stands out for the band in all that time...each member will probably have their own favourite one but this is where I think they will choose their selection from ;

1. Sarajevo 97
2. Live Aid
3. Italy on the Popmart tour- the one where they played to 160,000 people...think that is their biggest ever gig in terms of attendance.....

For me, it was the first time seeing them at Earls Court in the summber of 2001.....this started a near 20 year ritual of going to at least 1 U2 gig per tour..hoping to continue this tradition this falll.....

what do other fans think ...?