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GA-Tix for Auckland 8th November - pay what you can
« on: September 15, 2019, 12:44:54 PM »
Hello at all! :)

Regularly Im on the German U2-forums and Im new here - please be lenient with me :-P. I hope i did everything right by posting this message/offer as a new topic?

In a nutshell:
- the plans of my friend have changed and now we have one GA-ticket for Auckland (8th November-Show) left
- so I would like to sell it from fan-to-fan
- I would like to sell it under nominal value, as it is from fan to fan + Im saving offer fees (like on eBay) + and last, but not least: There are still some tickets for the show on 9th November, so I think it would be fair to be a little bit cheaper than ticketmaster :)
- send me any offer/price you are available to pay :)
- feel free to contact me if you are interested!

I would feel much better if someone attends the great concert instead of having an unused ticket. And a few Euros/Pounds for it is also better than nothing. And I think if one of our U2-community can attend it cheaper, than it could be a win-win-situation for everyone :)

PS: It is a mobile ticket, which will be released 72 h prior the concert (as every GA-ticket of the U2-shows in NZ). In order to avoid problems you will get my phone number and E-Mail-address. ;-)

PS2: Its the first time Im selling a ticket and this is definitely not a commercial offer! As I mentioned Im normally on as my main fan-forum :)
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