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« on: December 01, 2019, 02:06:34 AM »
In the venue now.
Hearing sound checks of 'Best Thing (Acoustic)', and 'Desire'.  People are starting to queue.

Energy hyped!  8)

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Re: SINGAPORE - Night 2
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Re: SINGAPORE - Night 2
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2019, 12:58:33 AM »
I  can't put into words what I felt that night, except that it was indeed the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!
Never have I thought that my dream of watching U2 live would come true, and that I would get to be so close to both the Main and Tree stage, sandwiched between a happy bunch of people, basking in the music that I grew and loved more than half of my life! I was even next to the #U2Sisters (follow them on Instagram!), and took a picture for them!

It was just as I imagined! A group of people from all walks of life coming together, enjoying the atmosphere, and all in harmony! Such is the magic of U2's music, that all barriers are broken! I made a new friend while queuing at the GA line, Ruben from the Canary Islands, and another Filipino family who offered me beer at the standing pit! An Indonesian fellow and his girlfiend were singing loud next to me, and even put their arms around me as we all sang and jumped together during "Streets"!

My favourite part of the show is when Bono started asking the lads of what they miss the most about home, while they are touring.  Larry said he misses the cold weather and the snow, The Edge said he misses his daughters, and when Bono asked the same question to Adam of what he missed about home, he replied "I am home".

It was worth the trip, and well worth the decades of waiting!
Thank you, U2! Thank you for the wonderful experience! Fan till the day I die!  8)
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Re: SINGAPORE - Night 2
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Glad that you had a great time!!

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Re: SINGAPORE - Night 2
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