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Re: U2 2020-2030
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2020, 03:15:27 PM »
I think as the band approaches 60, I think we are hoping in vain for another artistic masterpiece  or shift like joshua tree or achtung baby. I expect the next U2 album (if there is one ) to be met with the tepid response of at least the last three. Bono will hype it as the best album  since music was first put to tape but it will be met with  a meh response from the wider public. U2 fans, such as ourselves,  will think its the best thing since slice bread, but it won't caputre the public imagination like JT and AB, generally accepted as their most accessible albums.

I don't expect them to engage in another marketing gimmick as with the release of Songs of Innocence. They will want continue to preserve the music juggernaut they have built over the last four decades-crusing down main street. That said it would be interesting to know the SOI and SOE official physical sales since their respective releases. I suspect this motivated the JT tour revival.

. I know the industry now counts downloads and streams  as the equivalent of one physical album sold but with the very nature of streams and downloads, those figures can easily be distorted and manipulated to be higher ( or lower) than they actually are.

Of course I could be wrong and they end up producing another standout album to sit proudly among the two peaks of their career- the joshua tree and achtung baby. But realistically the odds are stacked against them. I'm not being pessimistic but being realistic.  I expect the band to announce a AB30 retrospective tour of some sort..maybe not as big as JT30 but some acknowledgement in the next 12-18 months.   Another box set will follow  but this will be the most comprehensive of their career covering every b side and outakes from 1976 along with a re-release of the best of compilations they released.

now excuse me iim going to least to exit-acrobat-bullet the blue sky-until the end of the world medley before bed...

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U2 2020-2030
« Reply #16 on: January 14, 2020, 05:41:27 PM »
I really enjoyed all the albums before JT and AB.  Except for NYD and a few tracks off UF I don’t think you could say any of those captured the interest of the wider public.  I don’t think expectations need to be set so high.  I would be happy with anything equal to their past catalog, with the exception of HTDAAB, SOI, and SOE.  Those are the only albums I really found disappointing.

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