Author Topic: Your favorite intro song or intro in general to Where the Streets live ?  (Read 157 times)

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A lot of us have had the amazing experience of this I'm sure, what's been your favorite segue way into streets?

For show I went to I have to say: Amazing Grace into Streets during the 2009 360 tour.

The one I wish I saw is already listed on this topic forum, 2009 Walk On/Never Walk Alone/Streets only played at a few shows.

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The New Years Eve show that rang in the 1990's where they sung 'Auld Lang Syne' overtop of the same cathedral organ before 'Where The Streets No Name's riveting opening was top notch...  the performance begins right at Midnight and the Irish crowd is going absolutely nuts...  they even played 'God (Part II)' on this night...:-)

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Top 2 would be:

Please into Streets (Popmart)

RTSS into Streets (Zoo TV)

Please as an angry, dark song pleading for love works so well transitioning into Streets (ditto for RTSS to a lesser degree). Really, really heavy and powerful. Wish they would bring back Please.