Author Topic: The Edge on U2ís New SiriusXM Channel, Bandís Future Plans  (Read 218 times)

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Evening all

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I take it  people have read or will soon read this article interviewing our favourite perma-hatted guitarist. the radio station idea is interesting but it seems its just an official mash up with all the U2 material available on youtube with a few new bits. Nonetheless any U2 product is a good product in my biased view.

I'm particularly excited about Edge's comment about potentially revisiting ZOO TV and doing something new with it in time for the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby.  Can't believe its been nearly 30 years since that era. Lets hope they do an AB tour...with updated themes of media overload and the internet. Good to know there are many ideas bouncing about in that hat about how to commemorate one of the defining albums of our time....the JT revision was very basic, straight to the point presentation and there's no fault with that. AB30 has the potential to be so so much more.....

I for one, cannot wait for what they cook up next :)

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