Author Topic: quick question on Bono quote in TV broadcast of Slane concert  (Read 155 times)

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In the USA,  an edited version of the Slane concert was broadcast on CBS as  a Thanksgiving special called "U2's Beautiful Day" .  This was before the  concert DVD "Go Home" DVD .  I hear it had previously aired in Europe, maybe under a different name.  It was  "U2's Beautiful Day at Slane" on RTE (Network) 2 in Ireland.

Interspersed between songs, and before and after commercials. were short clips of the band talking.  Before "Streets, " they showed Bono in a white robe, looking in the mirror of his dressing room, saying something like " I buried my father yesterday In a way, it's still a send off...Going onstage is like a boxer going in the ring, but you are going against yourself, and you just hope your better self wins."

I need video of that clip for a class, and I'm not finding it anywhere.  I know I may have it buried somewhere on VHS, but can't find it.  It must be somewhere on the web.. Anybody? Thanks
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