Author Topic: I have been down the PopMart Live rabbit hole lately......  (Read 124 times)

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I have been down the PopMart Live rabbit hole lately......
« on: September 16, 2020, 03:40:05 AM »
In the era of 4K (and 8K) pixel perfect concert videos that are edited precisely to the video frame of the guitar/drum/etc solo there is something mesmerizing (dare I say refreshing) about watching PopMart (specifically Mofo through to Gone) from Edmonton, on this single roving handheld camera footage.   

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Stripped of all the bells and lemons that were the PopMart spectacle, the viewer is left with nothing but U2's humanity on parade. 

I was in the first 20 rows when PopMart came to my town and was so overwhelmed by the spectacle.  It was almost too much, too distracting from the fact that U2 were playing their hearts out to bring that album to life every night. 

Honestly I could watch Larry smash that snare all night. 

God bless the internet.

AND Don't get me started on the nostalgia of going to concerts where the whole audience wasn't holding up a phone the entire time.  Seriously people, stop that when we get back from the pandemic.