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Longtime fan, first post
« on: October 19, 2020, 01:23:26 PM »
My appreciation for U2 has increased lately as I delved into the wonderful world of the internet.  Starting with the 1978-79 releases and into the first few albums, I've been studying the progression of the refinement of the band's sound.  I have been discussing with friends and one pointed out "had they not changed their sound, it's likely they'd have failed."   I wondered if anyone else felt the same.  It's incredible to hear some of the oldest songs from first release, to the US Festival and then on to Live Aid and how they exploded onto the scene of music.

Going back into the roots of their music also reminded me of a poster I have squirrelled away.   It's a poster announcing their concert at Revelle's Disco in Killarney back in 1987, I think, which my brother removed from a signboard. I'm trying to confirm the exact date. It's in immaculate shape, as far as I remember, and when I find it I will post a photo of it to share.   I am lucky enough to have lived in England in the 80s, so I was well in tune with the band before they really blew up in the US - though I do remember a guy who was listening to them where he lived in CA when we lived at the same base in OK in 1984 - before I moved to England.  Yes, the life of a military kid is never boring!  I'm 50 now, and the best times of my life were overseas ...