Author Topic: never got my passcode email but see code on site -- what tier am I?  (Read 1553 times)

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I never got my official email with my pass code. I have checked all my deleted mail, spam, etc but I don't remember seeing it (and I'm sure I would DEFINITELY remember getting such a gem).
Anyway, when I log on to and click on the tour, I see my pass code but it doesn't tell me what level I am -boots, breathe, etc...

Is there a way to tell just from looking at the code?

I emailed but I"m sure they're snowed with requests. I don't want to rely on their reply arriving soon enough...

Aaaaargh! :'(

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Your code will start with either U2A, U2B or U2C. A is Horizon, B is Breathe and C is Boots. Hope you got an A!

Maybe you should contact, or at the very least check your profile to be sure they have your correct email address.

Hope this helps!


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Great. I got an A!

HOwever, since I've been around since PRopaganda, I hoped as such.

Now, I gotta start scheming how to tackle Chicago...

Thanks all.