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i think I figured out how...
« on: March 15, 2009, 03:27:32 AM »
 U2 gets on to the outer ring. In the diagram of fan seating (on @u2 news page on flikr), it doesn't look like there is any fan seating (standing) on the ground "behind" the band. This is where the outer ring has a break in it. It looks to me that the width of the stage and the gap, in the ring, are the same length. My guess is that the whole stage moves into position, in the gap. Does anybody else think this is a true possibility?

Also another theory i have is based on the logo of the tour. I noticed that the spire in the middle looks like it comes further down than the virtual tour. If the stage moves out of the way, then it's possible the spire could extand downward. The advantage of this is that there could be amazing lighting affects (attached to the spire) that couldn't be achieved if housed in the roof of the spider structure.
I was just thinking on this. Does anyone have any feedback?