Author Topic: Make sure your credit card doesn't block it!!  (Read 1292 times)

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Make sure your credit card doesn't block it!!
« on: March 18, 2009, 04:43:22 AM »
I just managed to buy my Breathe presale tickets for Glasgow, via the Ticketmaster weblink.  Phew, it had me panicking, though...

Once you have the tickets allocated, you have a few minutes to complete the transaction before you lose the allocation.  I'd taken advice and pre-stored my credit card details, so this part of the process should have been easy.

However, as I was using a Visa credit card (with no balance and plenty of credit on it!) I was required to go through a 'Verified By Visa' additional security check.  Unfortunately, my credit card company automatically decided that such an 'unusual' and large transaction (248) could quite possibly be fraudulent, and so they blocked it!

Tried another credit card, same result!  This time, I lost my reserved tickets, and had to start the whole process from scratch.  Thankfully, Ticketmaster worked fine again (they didn't block my presale code, which I had a fear they might do...).  When it came to paying, I used a Debit card, and it went through without hitch.  Heart still beating rather rapidly, though, and I'll need to explain to my non-U2 fan wife why there's suddenly a rather large transaction on our joint account!!

All's well that ends well... Thought I'd better pre-warn anyone else who might get caught like this.