Author Topic: What song that hasn't been played in a long time would you like to see resurface  (Read 1711 times)

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I would love to see them play Seconds and Surrender.

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I haven't heard "11 O'Clock" since 85', so I'd vote for that-24 years is a long enough wait!

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The Unforgettable Fire !

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Anything from Zooropa or Pop.

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Those songs from the past were great when they were played in their heyday in the 80's & 90's.  But a U2 concert should not be about playing their greatest hits (as they did on the Popmart & Elevation Tours) or songs that have not been played in ages.  This is NOT to say that they're terrible; on the contrary, they ARE great songs, but they should leave the past in the past & concentrate on their newer material.  That's the whole point of touring in support of a new album.  They should just concentrate on the songs they've released since 2000.
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Personnally, I want to see Angel of Harlem, The Sweetest Thing, All I Want is You, Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, and Walk on played more on this tour.  I want to see them in the setlist for Gillette Stadium and Giants Stadium for my concerts too

But With or Without You, with Shine Like Stars snippeted, MUST be played at EVERY tour stop.  It is their greatest song, and tied for my favorite.  It would be heavenly to me to hear it played live

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Love Is Blindness


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Seconds and Surrender is a great shout!!!!

In gods country .... Ultraviolet......Hawkmoon (The lovetown version with slide guitar opening etc)....The unforgettable Fire....All I want is you (Full band version)...... Gone....

Jeez, too many!!