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What U2 Song Does This Sound Like?
« on: November 23, 2008, 11:55:11 PM »
We all have been following the progress toward the new album on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login and in other places.  In seeing some of the quotes in these articles, I couldn't help but think of several existing U2 songs that the quotes could easily describe.  My suggestions will be in parenthesis following the quote.

Unknown Caller - Edge says in MOJO “we're just trying out ideas and this piece of music just came through and we all knew at the time that it was good.” …“it really has this very tangible atmosphere of the space that we recorded it in. So Fez is there in that sense.... It's just a flavour.” (Unforgettable Fire)
Breathe - a "f--k-off live rocker" (Vertigo or Elevation)
Moment of Surrender - Brian Eno told fans outside Hanover Quay studios in early June, 2008, that it's "the best thing" he's recorded with U2 and the Edge said "we immediately realised there was something powerful going on. And when that happens, it's like you don't have to say anything in the room; people know it's going off." (Streets)
No Line on the Horizon - "The song is rough, weaving between brutal guitar blasts underscoring the mellow title refrain." Edge explains that the song "It came out of a new distortion box that my guitar tech got."  (The Fly or Ultraviolet)
Get On Your Boots - "Eddie Cochran with barbershop harmonies" (Angel of Harlem or When Love Comes to Town)

Your ideas?  Feel free to include other quotes on songs that they are likely to include, but that we haven't heard (i.e., no "Mercy", as a version is out there for us to hear already, whether the band likes that or not).