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I've been to see U2 once before on the Vertigo tour, but I was in the stands and so I'm pretty new to the whole General Admission system. I'd like to get a position as close to the stage as possible; not only because it'd be great to be so close to the band, but also because I'm not very tall and would like as clear a view as possible. So if you'll bear with me, there are a lot of things I'd like to know before the tour starts, if possible specific to Croke Park stadium.

Firstly, camping overnight: Is it done/allowed/worth it? I remember from the last tour one time that queuing was only allowed from 10 am on the day of the show, so clearing this issue up would be very helpful!

Secondly, if there is the possibility of camping overnight, some of the group I'm going with will probably be against the idea. What is the stance on some of the group getting their number the day before and staying in a hotel while the rest of their party camp out? Would it be looked upon as against etiquette if they returned the next day and took up their previous spot with the rest of the group?

Thirdly (and still connected with the camping out idea, so if question one is a resounding 'no' it won't really matter) - the next day, if you want to dump your stuff (sleeping bags and whatnot) in the hotel and get freshened up et al, and do it one at a time so that at least one or two people are in the queue in your absence, is that considered bad manners? I don't really see why it would be, but I wouldn't want to cause offence to the rest of the queuers! And I'm guessing that going off to get lunch and bringing it back is standard procedure as long as there's someone there to mind your spot?

Fourthly, food and drink. How much is reccommended? To be perfectly honest, I'm not all that keen on fainting from hunger half-way through the concert, but I know people have been warning about taking too much liquid on board and then losing their spot in the stadium because they needed to use the bathroom. Is it all fine as long as you can head to the loo before they let you onto the pitch and don't have anything from then on?

Fifthly, entry: If there's a lottery for the bit closest to the stage (not the red zones, but the one that goes around the 'front' of the stage) like there was on the Vertigo tour, how many maximum are allowed through? And if you're lucky enough to get in but the group you're with exceeds the limit, what happens? Also, do you enter the stadium from the back or from the sides (this question determines which shoes I'll be needing to wear!)?     

I think that's it for now, but there's a lot there! If you can answer any or even all of these (based on previous experience of the Dublin Croker shows) then I'd be extremely grateful!

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1) It was allowed last time at Croke Park, the U.S. is different. I was in the Q at 8.45am, and there was a few hundread ahead of me, from talking to other people it seems several dozen people were there since the night before including the "Dutch Man" who always seems to be 1st in the Q, he was also first in the Q in Slane 2001.

2)What number ? Remember these are informal Q's and any numbering system used is 100% informal. The event organisers don't get involved or take part in any numbering system(in Ireland at least), it's purely for those in the first 200 or so and sometimes it doesen't happen.
As regards leaving and coming back, personally I think it's not on, but it depends on the group at the head of the Q and what is decided as a group so there are no hard and fast rules. Going to the bathroom or shop for a short while is generally fine, but leaving for several hours its a bit much and may not (depending on the group at the front) be allowed.

3) Don't see that as a problem if the group are okay with it. If you are thinking about freshning up then maybe GA is not for you !

4) You need to eat well up until around 2 hours before the gates open, the gates open time has not been confirmed but it should be around 4.30ish. It's better to have some sandwiches/energy/bars/fruit/water and such, while inside the venue.Note no bottles(glass or plastic) or cans are allowed but liquids in non plastic or metal containers are fine and you can bring all the items mentioned above. inside the venue(not in the US I understand).Once inside there is maybe 2 hours plus during which there is plenty of time to go to the loo and have someone hold your spot, but this needs to be completed well before the support act even start or you might be risking not getting back to your spot.

5) We don't know (at this time at least)the exact details regarding any upgrade to the area. This has to be announced. If it went like last time for the indoor shows then each GA ticket is scanned as you go in, and the scanner randomly selects those who get upgraded. If someone is picked they can bring another person in with them. So you need to have a plan to decide which two or 4 goes in and splits up the group.Capacity of the inner area is unknown but should be a few hundread at least going by the stage plan. In 2005 for outdoor shows there was no upgrade system, it was first in the Q got the best spot.

Entry last time was from the side, but close to the back ! No matter where the entry is, you need comfortable shoes and I recommend spare socks !
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I went to Croke for the last tour and had a great day.
Me and my buddy thought about trying to get into the "target" (or whatever the heart was for that tour) but decided we would be better off going to stand by the edge of the B stage so we could be close to the band for parts but also be able to take in the whole show. Plus we figured it would be easier to get those places. So we weren't in that really really central bit but we were close enough to the front.

We got there maybe 10am? with some temporary chairs (about 10 from a supermarket, maybe less) which we ditched once we got let in to queue after the main gates. It was then dead easy to get pretty near to the front - as in one person back - but I think it's hard to actually get a hand on the barrier to the stage.

It was also OK to come and go to the loo, certainly before the support band went on and actually I am pretty sure that I was able to go in between that act and U2 as I think I saw the band (the support band that is, not U2!) in a sort of "backstage" area by the toilets.