Author Topic: GA vs Seats in Stadium Tour  (Read 1122 times)

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GA vs Seats in Stadium Tour
« on: March 25, 2009, 01:53:38 PM »

I have only seen U2 in arenas & always in the seated areas (never been able to get GA!).  I'm feeling wary of them having a stadium tour as I will miss the cozy intimate feeling you get from an arena, but alas stadium it will be. Sooo,  for those of you who have been to stadium concerts ...what can one expect from being on the GA/field? If you end up towards the middle or back of the crowd and you arent very tall (5' 3" here!), is it better to try for the lower section seats??? What exactly do you see from GA if youre not right up there? If I had GA, I of course would want to try and get there early and get as close as possible...however, this time around, I wont be myself and my friends may not want to do such a thing. And you just neevr know, I suppose! How early does one have to get there for good GA spot at a stadium????

Any thoughts would be most appreciated! Thanks!!!!