Author Topic: So many of you are coming from outside to Ireland to see U2  (Read 1111 times)

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So many of you are coming from outside to Ireland to see U2
« on: April 28, 2009, 07:14:57 AM »
Any Irish folk here feel free to join in....

So the vast majority of you here are from outside Ireland, even Europe. Some of you will be attending U2 in their hometown of Dublin this summer. This thread is to help you get ready - how much money to bring and all that.

I am assuming any of you have made travel and accomodation plans already, so, how much to bring after that? Well it's a "how long is a piece of string?" question, but as a rough guide:


The drinking age in Ireland is 18, but some pubs have a 21s only policy. If you are over 21 but still look young, expect to be ID-ed, especially in the city centre. A pint of Guinness will cost you about 4.60 in the suburbs, a bit more in teh city centre - in and around 5 a pop.


McDonalds meals cost about 6.30. Otherwise you can get a meal proper from anything up from about 15 to name your price excluding drinks.

The locals

The Irish are a generally frienly lot - just don't mention the UK as being the "mainland", don't ask why we use Euro and not sterling, and don't refer to Ireland as Britain (or say something along the lines of "here in Britain"), especially in a pub. We don't mind the English, just once we don't get mixed up with them.

Temple Bar

This is the tourist spot of Dublin. Full of tourists. Prices of pints and food tends to be slightly higher here accordingly.

Spots to See

The Guinness Brewary
Christ Church
There's loads of open top bus tours
Drop me a line of check my facebook for U2 spots

Clothes to Bring

It's mid summer here in July - can reach 30 degrees celcius at times, so you won't go amis with shorts and t-shirts. It's been known to rain as well at the drop of a hat. You can either use the "drop into this pub till the rain stops" method, or bring some form of light rain gear. I'll know better how good or bad the weather should be closer to the  date.

Em, any other areas of interest or what to do/bring/see?