Author Topic: if u2 needed a 5 member who would you pick and why dont say yourself please  (Read 7696 times)

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Like malcolm-edge put it, I'd gotta say Chris Martin. He's an all around brilliant musician, with great energy. The bad thing though, he doesn't fit U2. I could barely think of what U2 would be like with a 32 year old.  :P


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martin gore (is that his name ?) from Depeche Mode

I agree.

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Robert Smith.

Eno or lanois? NO NO NO NO NO. If they hire any of them it's gonna be like heresy for me so I'd turn to The Smiths instead, and I BLODDY HATE the BLOODY Smiths!!!!

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Now seriously. A decent and competent guitar player. You know Edge has double guitar tracks in a lot of songs and part of this dense sound is missing live.

I wouldn't take a keyboardist as U2 is a rock band not a glam or a pop band. Try and think about rock band with keyboardists... Most of them could be hair-metallers... or worse...

The problem with the guitar player is that normally, guitar players have a BIG EGO...

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Daniel Day Lewis: 

He looks like The Edge
He is steely eyed like Larry
He is artistic like Bono
He is soft spoken but commands your attention like Adam

His first role in film was in a movie called Sunday Bloody Sunday

Can he sing, or play an instrument? I have no idea.
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Salman Rushdie

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Duke Erikson or Steve Marker (guitarists from the band Garbage).
Either one of these lads would complement U2 nicely.

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Brian Eno would be a great complement to the band!

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What about Mike Mills?

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U2 may be a rock band, but the play mostly pop music. I think a keyboard would be great, especially for the current tour; I think just about every song has a part for keys.
If you're looking for a great rock band with keys, Mute Math is excellent.


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i think the guy from Iron and wine could do rhythm guitar/song writing and chris martin could do piano/key boards/backing vocals. that plus eno and lanios would be awesome
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Win Butler lead vocalist and songwriter
Régine Chassagne plays pretty much every instrument (Arcade Fire)
David Bowie
Johnny Greenwood
Chemical Brothers ( I know there are 2 of them)... what they could add to a song like Vertigo, Discotheque, or even No Line On The Horizon, or Original Of The Species.... they can be quite atmospheric and epic, even organic

to those thinking Chris Martin would add anything... are you serious?  He steals every single stage move part of his live act from Bono and U2
- doing acoustic mini-sets in the middle of thier concerts sets on a mini stage (they didnt used to do, I've seen them live previous to this last tour)
-falling down on his knees at the end of a song
-letting the audience take over a song (they didnt do on tour previous to last one)
-even the manner in which he moves
-self depracating humor (which he didnt have on previous tours)
-Not just thanking the audience for coming but "giving them a great life"
-an acoustic version of a Michael Jackson song a week after U2 started doing it (U2 had already done snippets of MK songs previous to his death on rare occasion, and even had him in the lyrics of Playboy mansion, plus while it may not be unique to cover an MJ song, doing it acoutically is rather a rarity)
-Doing a Monkees cover "Im A Believer"  ... really Chris Martin?  its already a rarity for any rock (even a band like Coldplay that doesnt rock at all) to cover pop tunes but to cover a a Monkees song which U2 infamously did during the Popmart tour is just pathetic.  Its another story if it was Elton John, Billy Joel, because at least it relates better to Coldplay, with Martin being a decent piano player.  But this detail is yet another example of the long list of very specific details Coldplay lift from U2, which usually dont have much relation to Coldplay, or the song or manner in which these copied elements are being used
-From an Article on Coldplay tour:  "To the opening twangs of Life in Technicolour began and the crowd erupted, behind the curtain the dancing silhouette of Chris Martin and the others appeared  ... ala Bono coming out to Zooropa or Zoo Station
-From an article written about the most recent Coldplay tour  "One of the most magical moments of the aforementioned song as tens of thousands of paper butterflies floated down from the ceiling." ala City of Blinding Lights
-From another article on Coldplay Tour: "walk through the crowd to the other side of the arena and in the aisle"  sound like the beginning of Popmart and also the Superbowl performance?
-From another article on Coldplay Tour:  "During the song though, Martin hit a wrong note on the keys. He cursed, got the whole band to stop, said “Let’s do this again, we have to enjoy this part for the first time”   Again, he bairly talked on the 2 previous occasions I have seen them, and this is classic Bono self deprecation and charm
- From another article on Coldplay tour:   Chris Martin sings after f'ing up a song "Lyrics to old songs you don’t know, you embarrass yourself at MSG, but it’s okay because everyone got in for free
-dressed in their Sgt. Pepperesque jackets - Zooropa anyone?  
-From another Article on Coldplay Tour:  "Without a drum set, the band presented “techno” versions of “God Put A Smile On Your Face” and “Talk.” Both sounded slightly awkward and didn’t live up to their full band versions, but they seemed to please the crowd nonetheless."  90s U2 up til today
-From another article on Coldplay tour:  "an enormous bongo drum was rolled to the front of the stage, where Champion stood ready"  sound like Love and Peace or Else from Vertigo tour?

Now granted, individually these things wouldnt be considered much in terms of evidence of plagarism or copying but altogether this is a substantial amount of very specific cases of direct copying.

This is especially heightened by the fact that previous to this tour pretty much everything I listed was not done on previous Coldplay tours which I have attended, and read about.

This not even taking into account that they ape every sound from the Edge, hired Eno on their 4th album, coincidentally the exact same album number when U2 did, used Anton Corbijn for a video, did an iPod commercial which looked like a cross between Staring at the Sun, Original of the Species Ipod Commercial, and the Vertigo Ipod commercial, they hired the same director who did U2's ipod commercial.

No band has copied another band to THIS level.  not even Oasis to The Beatles.  At least the brothers Gallagher brought thier own brand of snarling bite to the Beatles songs they write.

A band and frontman that does nothing but copy U2 is going to somehow contribute something meaningful?  Al he ban do for U2 is play the piano, he would contribute NOTHING else... he is a million times more bland and predictable, and that is already one of the concerns of U2 in this last decade.  His lyrics are equally predictavle and nothing but melancholic love songs a highshooler can write.

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In reply to mbeano, I'm not going to dive into the infamous U2 vs. Coldplay, the point of arguing is ridiculous.

But please, let's not put down anyone's ideas please, because it really ruins the tone of the topic. Just because we don't see eye to eye with Coldplay doesn't mean we can't give ideas with the fear of denigration or belittlement.

Thanks.  :)


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I say leave the band just the way it is, but if you really want to add another member why not Eric Clapton, or Bruce Springsteen.   Both of them are fantastic guitar players.  One thing goes without saying is Brian Eno has played many times with the band as a extra whatever they needed him, so why not stay with what works?  U2 would not be U2 with any other members in the band.  That's what makes U2 so unique.  They are still playing some 30 years later with the same members they started with, and you can't say that about too many bands.  Why would you want to fix what's not broke? ??? 

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I think a rapper/hip hop artist would bring something new to U2 - maybe someone like Roots Manuva.

Failing that - Noel Gallagher - I hear he's looking for a new job ;)