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Re: What was the biggest set list shocker for...
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2009, 12:48:04 AM »
1987-11-07: Helter Skelter, Silver & Gold, Spanish Eyes (before the internet, it was a lot easier to be surprised at shows!)
1992-04-21: Unchained Melody, Slow Dancing, When Love Comes to Town, Stand By Me (look it up... these were either breakouts or super-rare at the time of this show)
1997-05-07: Sunday Bloody Sunday tease in Please
1997-12-12: Wake Up Dead Man > 40 to close
2001-04-15: Sweetest Thing with Bono on keys (never thought I'd see either), I Remember You
2005-04-24: Electric Co., An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart (just lucked out to get these in the rotation; never thought I'd see them), the "Still Running" AND "Hallelujah" choruses in Running to Stand Still
2005-11-05: Until the End of the World (first time back after a layoff of about half the tour, IIRC), Mary J. Blige's appearance on One, IALW with Brandon Flowers and Bad to close
2005-12-19: Help, Instant Karma