Author Topic: They should air on tv one of their concerts for all the ppl around the world  (Read 1114 times)

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Just like they did back in the 70's for Elvis live in Florida, just make it huge! Who else agree, i mean this is another way how to stay relevant.

Correct me if im wrong, but their concert in Sydney in 93 was also broadcasted in such a way, wasn't it. I don't know why they can't do it again, especially for this tour. This is the best promotion of all.
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Yep, definitely has Pay Per View event written all over it.

Would be nice if they did it.

Would be a US show if they did. Highest pay per view audience = US timezone = $$$

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On the Elevation tour they did a live broadcast on the internet of the whole concert. I think it was from italy, It was free I think it was to promote a website more than the show? but that was a long time ago in the computer world and the image. I remember the little box to watch it is was the size of our avi on my older computer, when I enlarged it I had to sit waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy across the room to not get so much pixelation. I am sure now it could be broadcast in amazing and fun would that be!

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I'm sure they will, when they get to South America.

They've broadcast a LOT of shows over their time - at least 1 per tour and often 2 or 3 : then again, I'd quite like a live DVD, this time recorded at a show in somewhere like Dublin or Wembley or New York - at a venue regarded as a 'trophy' show where they will be performing multiple nights. That said, I wish they'd sort out their DVD's with PROPER special features we know exist and if I were them, I'd've put out a box set of DVD's of rare TV shows donkeys years ago to tie in with 90-00.