Author Topic: How can I find the posts I replied to without having to go through them all ?  (Read 1960 times)

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I find lately whenever I go to return to  a post I replied to it's gone ? Ex; I replied in French about the upcoming Paris date , and now I can't find it ? Are they being deleted ?  I never had that problem before ?. Thank you., and by the way , is there a place where I can see everything I replied too ?

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I don't know of any posts being deleted, unless they violate forum guidelines. We do require posts to be written in English, so one of the mods may have removed it for that reason.

You can see all your previous posts via your profile.


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 ;D Thank you Matt , no it was not deleted becuase of my writing in French , now I know where to check my posts . I didn't think of going to my profile .