Which "RARELY / NEVER BEEN PLAYED LIVE" 90s album or b-side song do you want on the 360 set list?

36 (52.2%)
So Cruel
6 (8.7%)
12 (17.4%)
Some Days Are Better Than Others
1 (1.4%)
Playboy Mansion
3 (4.3%)
Lady With A Spinning Head
7 (10.1%)
Dirty Day (Junk Day Remix)
1 (1.4%)
Your Blue Room
1 (1.4%)
North And South Of The River
2 (2.9%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 62

Voting closed: August 06, 2009, 02:55:12 PM

Author Topic: Which "RARE /NEVER BEEN PLAYED LIVE" 90s song do you want on the 360 set list?  (Read 5915 times)

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As others have said I would LOVE fro U2 to finally play Acrobat but it might bring down the mood of the show.

My 2nd choice is Some Days are Better than Others because I think the song with its funky bassline would fit right into the mood of this 360 Tour

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Lady with the spinning head.
Didn't like Dirty day when it replaced Bad on the Zoomerang tour.

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has to be Acrobat!! Love that tune...sucks that it has never been played live.

If the band are reading this:



(I.E The Nielsen method - seems to work)

Hysterical. You're dead on.

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Although I'd really like to see Zooropa played.

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Offline Kiopelus

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Acrobat is the obvious choice, but there must be a reason why they havn't played it once.  I think the song probably doesnt translate well live.  Thats just my gut feeling.  Though it does have similar pace to Exit during the more intense part of that song.  And Exit translates well live, so beats me why they havn't played Acrobat.

So Cruel they've played 4x,  if you heard live versions on youtube.  It doesnt sound all that great.  It sounds alot superior in the album version imo.

As for Zooropa it has been played but only 3x.  I also think it wont fit well with the set list and their current theme.   If they only played 3x during the ZooTv tour where it would seem that song would be used perfectly.  Why would they use it now?  Plus again it probably doesn't translate well live.  Thats most likely why they only played it 3x.
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i voted acrobat but trying to throw your arms around the world should be on list too

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trying to throw your arms around the world

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Offline proctorsilex

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i'd go for zooropa,  but does anyone know why they don't play acrobat??, it's not like its a crap tune or anything

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No "Drowning man", "bring down the mood"
No "Acrobat", bring down the mood"

Give me a freaking break.

A great song is a great song, if "the mood" can recover from dirges like Stuck it can can recover from anything

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I like Acrobat...very good tune....and yes I'd like them to play it live, however the song has taken on a whole new level of popularity BECAUSE they've never played it live....I think this board will lose half of it's complaints if they DO play it! lol

hurricane hugo

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Your Blue Room