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Re: "Scientific" U2 Album Ranking
« Reply #30 on: August 20, 2009, 12:32:40 PM »
This proved very predictable and yet very surprising too.

Achtung Baby - 3.83
Pop - 3.33
Zooropa - 3.2
The Unforgettable Fire - 3.2
Rattle & Hum - 3.11
October - 3.09
Boy - 3.0
War - 2.7
HTDAAB - 2.55
The Joshua Tree - 2.64
NLOTH - 2.27
ATYCLB - 2.27

I'm a 90's U2 fan and this actually lists my U2 albums exactly how they are in the top 3.  It wasn't until I heard One at a party that I became a fan and was stunned that this was the same band that made me cringe when I heard pride, wowy and ishfwilf on the radio.  getting into them so heavily never brought me on board with those songs.  they just never touched me.  TUF is my 4th favorite album and may actually have been higher had Pride not scored a 0.  who knows may have been #1 even.  Im surprised R&H is up so high but I followed the rules and didnt count the live and bonus stuff so I guess I like that album more than I thought.  TJT falls so low because wowy and ishfwilf only scored a 1 each.  not surprising is ATYCLB as last.  It's one of my least favorite albums of any artist of all time.  I was surprised to see NLOTH tied for last but after looking at some tracks I can see why.  I really can't stand Magnificent so it scored a 0 and Crazy Tonight only got a 1 so i guess thats why its so low.

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Re: "Scientific" U2 Album Ranking
« Reply #31 on: August 20, 2009, 09:01:09 PM »
Im with you Verve.  90's was by far U2's best decade.  I do find 2 or 3 songs on ATYCLB pretty impressive, though.  Im not sure a single song on No Line gets even as high as a 3 for me.