Author Topic: Why I Will Catch The U2 360 Tour  (Read 1997 times)

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Re: Why I Will Catch The U2 360 Tour
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2.  This could be U2's last tour altogether.  After the sales failure that is NLOTH, U2 might be realizing the music industry isn't worth fighting for anymore.  Sure they are the best-selling album worldwide of the year so far, but they take 100 times the effort and time to make an album while the other artists can just phone-in an album in 6 weeks while U2 have to take 2 years over 4 continents.  Sometimes it might not be worth it anymore, if the music industry has no more place for albums (but only singles) and illegal downloading is rampant.  They might not release much material after this, and who knows if they will ever play together again.

I have to disagree with this one.  First of all, how is the album a "sales failure?"  Just shy of a million albums sold in the U.S. alone, plus millions more worldwide.  With that said, do you honestly think they base the entire band's future on the "sales figures" of this album?  Since when do these guys need money?  U2 is set for life.  Not to mention that U2 has already stated that they have tons of unreleased material written last year that they plan on putting out in the future, so your argument doesn't make any sense.  As far as tours go, I'm quite sure they'll take a few years off again once the 360 tour is complete, but to say that they will no longer release albums is nonsense.  I would bet my entire life savings that NLOTH is not their last album.