Author Topic: Six Degrees of Separation (or Kevin Bacon...)  (Read 3978 times)

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Six Degrees of Separation (or Kevin Bacon...)
« on: January 07, 2009, 04:15:07 PM »
Okay, another movie game. You get two actors and have to link them together through their costars in six movies or less. Example:

Vivien Leigh to Renee Zellweger

VL was in A Streetcar Named Desire with Marlon Brando,
who was in The Godfather with James Caan,
who was in Elf with Will Ferrell,
who was in Talladega Nights with John C. Reilly,
who was in Chicago with RZ

It's probably a good idea not to give two actors who have actually starred in a movie together  ;)

So first one: Robert Duvall to Katie Holmes (oh yes, there are also multiple right answers)