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Re: Opening Night Reviews
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All I can say about this review is that criticism is much easier to write than praise.

'All I can say about this review is that criticism is much easier to write than praise.'

Why do people always say that when they don't like what they hear - maybe the reviewer just didn't like it?

Some of his review I don't agree with - but I do agree with this:

'"the Claw," a ludicrous, fog-belching, crab-like mega-structure that primarily succeeds in dwarfing the musicians onstage, recalling David Bowie's equally silly Glass Spider Tour'

History won't be kind to the claw.
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Re: Opening Night Reviews (Spoiler)
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I' m feeling lazy after a long weekend, so I'll just post what I've already written in the forum for my local newspaper. The post contains a link to my pics (so far).

Also, I guess this forum has changed? I had been registered here ages ago but haven't used it since the last tour. In all that time, no one took my U2acro name. Go figure. ;)

Post subject: Re: U2 in Chicago
Posted: 09/14/2009 11:46 AM

I went too, but just to Saturday's show. I was psyched to hear the soundcheck of "Your Blue Room" and "Electric Co.," but we didn't get either of those (Sunday's show was the winner). You'd think that the opening show would be the one to test it all out and have fun with the setlists, but I guess they just were still working out the kinks for those songs.

Here are my photos from the fun GA line. I'll be adding the other photos later this week. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

This was like my 14th or 15th U2 show -- my first American tour opener (though I went to the Vertigo closer in Hawaii in 2006). It was a good show that would have been better had my friend been able to come with me as planned (I'm a sharer and get so emotional during some shows that I have to touch people around me to let the music and emotion "flow." Hokey, I know, but better to do that with a friend than strangers!).

They did 3/4 of NLOTH, and those songs came off pretty well. I surprisingly enjoyed the disco-esque mix of "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight." The standards were there -- "SBS" with an "Oliver's Army" snippet, a mailed-in "Pride," a lollygagging (in a good way) "WOWY" -- but there were a few songs that just nailed it. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was fabulously churchy -- the entire stadium was singing, and it was so uplifting and spirited. We also got "The Unforgettable Fire" with its fabulous chandeliere light show, as well as a very, VERY cathartic "Bad" (which may have been impromptu -- Bono went over to The Edge and chatted for a bit before he smiled and they launched it). And "Ultraviolet" was amazing, even if Bono's light jacket was kind of funny. Actually, Adam was wearing funny stuff too -- silver fringe. Gotta love Adam. I also should say that "Walk On" was a highlight for me -- not the political show, but the song. I found that I really missed it during my past few shows.

For the record, security managed the GA line much better than at other venues (I'm looking at you, United Center), other than the hubbub with the first 200 people or so late in the afternoon. They came by often with recycling bins, offered lots of updates and expected times, and just chatted with people.

Snow Patrol was wonderful as an opening act. I had only seen them in small venues like The Pageant and wasn't sure how they'd do in the cavernous Soldier Field (though I know they had opened for U2 during the last tour on some European dates). I admit that I'd rather have had Muse, but I was really, really pleased with SP. They looked like they were having a blast, played quite sincerely, and made great use of the stage.

Heading to Atlanta next...
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