Author Topic: What songs are played on the stadium speakers before the opening act?  (Read 971 times)

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There is a song that was played on the stadium speakers for both shows in Chicago. It was before the opening act even came on. It was about 6pm, give or take, when it came on both nights. I couldn't make out any of the lyrics but there was a guitar or instrument during the main part of the song that sounded like the word "Lady" "Laaayyyyydddddaaayyyy, oh, Laaaaayyyyydddaaaaayyyy, oh, Laaaadddddaaaayyyyy, etc.....

Anyways, does anyone have a list of the songs that were played before and after the opening act? Does anyone know where I could go to find a list of the songs played? Please help me know what it's like when you hear a song and HAVE to find it. (BTW, someone said it was a song by Roxy Music, but I don't think that is true).