Author Topic: SPOILER Toronto Night 1 Review, Purely awesome  (Read 1026 times)

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SPOILER Toronto Night 1 Review, Purely awesome
« on: September 18, 2009, 09:03:06 AM »
So, there I was, in the Rogers Centre after a 4 year wait to see back the best band in the world.

My seats were 130 A. had a claw right in the way but not really a big deal.

Snow Patrol was a very good opening act, their sound was muddy at times, but it was an opening act...

Then after what seemed an eternity, U2 came onstage.  From my seat i could see the lit up CN Tower which was an amazing backdrop !

Breathe is very good as an opener, with the long drum intro it really gets you going.  No Line on the Horizon is an amazing live piece, but I found Magnificent to be good...but not amazing like I thought it would be. 

The crowd then really got going with BD and Elevation, I then thought we wouldn't get UTEOTW, but once it started, I went crazy, what an amazing live piece.  The lightshow during TUF and COBL was alone worth the admission price, during Blinding lights,im pretty sure the guys in the tower had arranged something with the band as the lighting was so perfectly matched to the claw, it was ridiculously beautiful !!!

Now, Your Blue Room, I know it's nice for hardcore fans to hear this song, it is beautiful.  But in a Stadium, it just feels out of place, it killed all the crowd energy.

Stay was a nice addition, much much better than Stuck in a Moment.

Walk On, even with all the mask gimmicks, is an awesome live song, so uplifting.  One was good just as always and Amazing Grace seguing into Streets, was a tear inducing moment.  Even if it's played at each and every concert, Streets still is by far their best live song, that ringing guitar intro... I still have shivers.

The Encore was great too, Ultraviolet and WOWY were great, as Bono SANG WOWY.  Moment of Surrender is a very emotional closer.

So all of this made this night to be the best live experience i ever had.

Good :

No Line
Bono's voice was great
The Claw

Not that good :

Your Blue Room

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Re: SPOILER Toronto Night 1 Review, Purely awesome
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2009, 09:09:06 AM »
I'm glad you enjoyed the show habs.