Author Topic: *SPOILER* Name some new songs we may (not want to) hear when 360 goes into 2010?  (Read 1063 times)

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Just like Zoo TV turned into Zoomerang 360 is going into 2010 on a return voyage.  Obviously there will be shakeups one would think.  Here's what I've thinking may happen.  I'm not going to figure out drops because that's just too much thought for a man who's foregone emergency diaper changes to follow setlist tweets.

1) White as Snow (I think this will be the obligatory acoustic song that's added in and it will sound awesome)
2) October (it's time fellas. Let us see that red-haired step child for what he's worth)
3) Even Better Than the Real Thing (it's missed the past few tours I believe and it is such a great song)
4) Seconds (I think this fits into the theme/sound of 360)
5) Fez:Being Born (This may be a far fetched notion due to the effects used but I'd be jacked if it showed up)
6) Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own (Again, this fits the theme/sound of 360)
7) Drowning Man - The register of the song is low enough for Bono to sing this frequently. As for the emotion bringing down the crowd...Hey guys....Let us worry about our emotion. I'll take a Zoloft before the show!!!
8) Mofo - It's been soundchecked apparently and the boards are calling for it
9) Gone - I really think this would fit right in with the 360 setlist
10) Elvis Presley & America - In an effort to begin a miniature Coup d'etat with 80,000 people, U2 will play this and then walk off of the stage and watch from a closed circuit television with some Jiffy Pop and chuckle!

Obviously there are 9 suggestions that aren't too far fetched. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some oldies pop back up (i.e. Bullet) but I really think the above list is feasible.  Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams? Fears? Desires? Epiphanies?


P.S. Keep in mind that Bono's voice after the 2009 version of 360 is going to be spent so anything where he screams or sings sans falsetto is going to be a stretch.  Personally, I think this is why "Pride" and "Bad" have been riding the pine as of late...