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I don't understand the logic behind those that say YBR "kills crowd momentum."  Yes, YBR is a slow song, but it's just as beautiful and captivating as other slow U2 songs live.  They don't need to play 23 fast songs to have "crowd momentum."  They played YBR instead of Unknown Caller in Charlottesville, and I don't feel like I missed anything, and I don't feel like the crowd was any less "into it" as they were before that song.
I respectfully disagree on this.  At Charlottesville, the followed Elevation (easily the most energetic song) with YBR (easily the least energetic), which made no sense to me.  Yes it is a beautiful song, but they could place it between something reflective like ISHFWILF and then build into an up tempo number or 2. 

One common theme I've noticed since I've become an active member of this forum, is that two people can see the same concert in two completely different ways.  Perception is reality, as they say. 
Again, I don't believe YBR "killed the crowd momentum."  It's fine if you want to say you didn't like the song, or didn't like where they placed it in the setlist.  That is your opinion, and I can't tell you that you are wrong for feeling the way you do about the song.  But I can say you're wrong when you say that YBR "killed crowd momentum."  I'm listening to the bootleg of the album as I type this, and going back and listening to it between Elevation and NYD, the crowd was just as lively as they were before the song.  They were cheering before, during and after it, and continued that excitement as the intro of NYD started.  So once again, I have to say that anyone that says that YBR "killed the crowd momentum" (at least at Charlottesville anyway), is wrong.