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Re: Women of U2 Appreciation Thread
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Morleigh was not the Zoo TV bellydancer , shock,  if I am not mistaken. She is a dancer though and an accomplished choreographer.

Bono has always said he doesn't know where he would be without an extraordinary woman like Ali by his side. I have been a fan of hers for a very long time. She never seeks to be in the limelight. Her work with the Chernobyl Children's Project and her own socially conscious clothing company EDUN are nothing short of amazing. She should be the role model for young women today.

I don't know too much about Ann as she and Larry are very private people. I know they were childhood sweethearts and I thought I read that Ann was in public relations/advertising or something along those lines.  I could be wrong on that. Though not as well known as the other two ladies, Ann seems to be an amazing woman as well.

Though Adam is unattached, he has always dated very intelligent women as well.

Hats off to U2-they sure know how to pick em!   ;)

Morleigh was the bellydancer on the ZooTV in Sydney DVD.  It lists her in the credits at the end.   ;)

I think she did dance a few times,  NS  , but she was the choreographer originally. I don't believe she was hired specifically as "the bellydancer."  Edge has commented on that a few times.  He said she always gets mistaken as the "bellydancer" and that was not the case. I'll have to look this up and see what the story is once and for all  ;)!!  I am far from being an expert on this stuff  :D!

I once saw an interview with Morliegh where she stated that the belly dancer the band originally hired was "dreadful" and so she took over the choreography of the song. But both NS and SG are right in that she once or twice did the dancing on stage, but it was rare. For the record it is her in the WOWY video. I often wondered if that was her in the Numb video. Does anyone know? Regardless she is extremely talented and I admire that she has managed to maintain her career even though she (for the most part) left LA for Dublin. 
That is  Morliegh in the ZooTV DVD. According to the book "Until the End of the World" by Niel McCormick, Morliegh took over as the belly dancer during the stadium version of the ZooTV Tour and that is also her in the Numb video. The book comments several times on how, already being an artist in her own right, she sort of did her own thing during the day time during the tour.

Here is some video of each dancer:

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