Author Topic: @U2 Remembers The Joshua Tree  (Read 2291 times)

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@U2 Remembers The Joshua Tree
« on: November 17, 2009, 12:28:43 AM »
To the ENTIRE @U2 Staff!

What a treat it was to watch your video from "The" can tell just how special a place it is, and how happy you were all there together.  I know that you hear the words "Thank You" a lot, but really you have all created THE BEST U2 site hands down.  Better than ANY other U2 site out there.

It is obvious that you take your, "second jobs" very seriously, but also your love of U2 shines through.  Whether you are a new fan, or as I like to say, "have been married to U2 for twenty plus years" this is the place to come to for accurate information, and to share personal experiences with others.

So I say: Thank You @U2!  Know that each and every one of you has made this past year even better than I could have thought imaginable.

From the Tweets of setlists as they happen, to the photos and videos, and the live feeds, to the forums, and again, the accurate information..........YOU ROCK!

Take a bow........and here's to an amazing 2010 and eleven, and twelve, and.....

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Re: @U2 Remembers The Joshua Tree
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2009, 12:31:59 AM »
Thank you for these very kind words Lady B.!!  They are much appreciated!

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Re: @U2 Remembers The Joshua Tree
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2009, 09:48:00 PM »
Thanks so much, Lady B -- we love getting feedback like this. :)

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Re: @U2 Remembers The Joshua Tree
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2009, 02:53:14 AM »
Its belated but I too want to say thanks. Its probably highly unlikely I'll get to see the 'Tree' but I know how special it can be to visit landmark sites (Pere La Chaise - Jim Morrisons grave being a great example)

So as Lady B says - thanks for the insight I'll probably never have!!