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Title: 2FM to broadcast Larry Mullen interview
Post by: nolinehumper69 on March 04, 2009, 03:28:15 PM
http://www.hotpress.com/news/5293434.html (http://www.hotpress.com/news/5293434.html)

RTÉ 2FM's Larry Gogan will play his recent interview with U2 drummer Larry Mullen this Sunday.

The meeting of Larrys will go out on 2FM on March 8 at 4pm.

In addition to the group's new album No Line on the Horizon, the Larrys will discuss the changing face of the music industry and the band's upcoming tour, which Mullen said could take audiences sky-bound.

"[The stage is] like a spaceship," Mullen told Gogan. "And I know we've done spaceships before and walked out of citrus fruits! But this allows us to be paced close to the centre of the stadium. It hasn't been done before. Essentially, it's trying to bring the band closer to the audience and that's the challenge."

Whether firmly on earth or scaling the moon, Mullen said there is a certain sense of consistency that the group have maintained over their multi-decade career, and told Gogan there is generally a go-to show-stopper that can almost always bring the show to a standstill and "change the atmosphere in the room."

"The one song that does that consistently is 'Where the Streets Have No Name.' It's one of those great moments. It always makes me laugh thinking of Brian Eno trying to burn the tape because he couldn't get his head around the song."

Mullen also talks about the changes in the industry, specifically how digital downloads are now replacing hard record sales, and the way this is affecting young bands starting out:

"The music business has changed so dramatically now," Mullen said. "It's not about how many albums you sell. People don't buy albums, it's about individual songs. It's very difficult for young bands – they end up having to do things and sell themselves in a way that would have been just offensive when we were starting out."

The Two Larrys podcast will be available online after the interview airs.

For more information, visit www.rte.ie/2fm/larrygogan