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Title: The GA queues
Post by: KitCat on November 26, 2019, 07:48:27 PM
Righto, long time no log in, so Hi to all the old school peeps if you're still around!

Got a question about the line nazis, they're saying that band security have an agreement with stadium security to run their numbering system, putting their names in a book days before the gig so they can push in front of locals who, you know, have jobs to go to or have to travel to get to the gig. Anyone heard of this agreement, is it legit or are they full of it?
Title: Re: The GA queues
Post by: singnomore on November 29, 2019, 11:49:17 PM
It does seem that each stadium (with security blessing) have capitulated against their own published policies - so yes I think is the answer
Title: Re: The GA queues
Post by: Mr. Sarajevo 20 on December 02, 2019, 08:04:12 AM
Its a string of manipulation that dates back to 2001 or so.

Never ran into any of them I have much respect for. They claim they are doing it for the fans, the venue, the security team...horse crap....they are doing to better suit themselves and their top secret inner circle.

Take this scenario that actually happened in 2017.....Really incredible how someone can be on the list, lets just say #11, while in fact they are two states away at an airport about to board a plane the day of show, while many have been in line say 12-48 hours...So when they actually show up they should most likely be given a # in line around 500 or so, because there are 500+ people in line ahead of them, but they magically head to the front of the line because "their name" is on the list at say #11 or so...just incredible how this works.

I've seen way too many shenanigans with this, so no I will never support them, as a matter of fact I am supportive of anyone or any group that tells them to stick it and that they will not adhere to their fairy-tale rules.

Been very aware of times that at the end of the day they were challenged and basically lost...that is true vindication right there.   

Heads up wannabe line leaders...the band gets tired of seeing the same faces on the rail night after night.