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Title: //F6//
Post by: //F6// on April 01, 2009, 06:35:20 PM
I'm //F6// but you can just call me F6 or Andrew or Meerkat.
I'm from Wisconsin
I play the piano and have learned to play some U2 songs.
I've composed some of my own tunes and written some lyrics before.
some of my other music likes include Coldplay, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Keane, Linkin Park, Journey, Muse, Evanescence, and The Killers.
I'm a tech geek and a gearhead

hope that's enough of an introduction.

Title: Re: //F6//
Post by: StrongGirl on April 01, 2009, 06:48:22 PM
Welcome Andrew!  That was a perfect intro. You will really enjoy it here.
Title: Re: //F6//
Post by: luieu2 on April 01, 2009, 07:36:07 PM
G`day Andrew ;)
Title: Re: //F6//
Post by: Starfish on April 02, 2009, 07:57:47 AM
Hi Andrew! Welcome to the club  ;)
Title: Re: //F6//
Post by: a Name for a Girl on April 04, 2009, 05:18:13 PM
Cool name, //F6//!  Welcome!
Title: Re: //F6//
Post by: julesport on April 06, 2009, 06:55:42 AM
Hello Andrew. Welcome to the forum......look forward to reading your posts.
Title: Re: //F6//
Post by: Lemon-Twist on April 06, 2009, 07:16:16 AM
Hope you enjoy the forum Meerkat